We regularly review how well we are doing in school and where we might need to make improvements. In doing so we take account of the views and opinions of a wide range of groups within our school community.

Group Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Pupil voice Through school council Through school council Through school council
Parent voice Survey Survey
Staff voice Survey
Governor voice Survey Survey

Should you wish to share any thoughts or opinions regarding how we can continue to improve and make a difference, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher whom will share the information with the school’s Senior Leaders.

Outcomes of surveys will be shared via this page.


Most recent survey of parents/carers Autumn 2016

From the questionnaire we were able to identify that parents/carers were unsure what the school does to tackle any bulling concerns.  This is what we are doing and what we have planned over the coming term:


  • Our Christian ethos and values (Outstanding SIAMs) that we refer to regularly in class and assemblies promote respect, fairness and tolerance of others
  • KS2 Class Assemblies to raise awareness of bullying (Cyber bullying, how do deal with different scenarios, respect, what is bullying)
  • Values day that linked to anti-bullying / Blue for Bullying
  • Visit from NSPCC
  • E-safety ambassadors
  • Play in a day promoting respect
  • Y6/YR buddy system
  • Lunch club
  • Learning Mentor – running nurture and SEAL groups
  • Middays run ‘planned activities’ at lunch times
  • Teams and Clubs are for all pupils (not gender specific)

What actions do we take if concerns are raised?

  • Listen to all involve fairly
  • Log any incidents on CPOMs to keep a record
  • Offer lunch club
  • Speak to parents (including regular updates)
  • Behaviour plans
  • Offer nurture groups/SEAL to support both parties / time with learning mentor
  • If specific issues are identified additional circle time / PSHE sessions are delivered in class

Further Actions


  • Up to date pupil voice questionnaire (what are unsafe situations, what forms of bullying, is school safe, how is bullying dealt with) Use Beacon group
  • Display reflecting KS2 assemblies (use one of new notice boards in space between hall and practical room)
  • Ethos group to create own anti-bullying assemblies for their class
  • E-safety ambassadors to feedback to rest of school
  • Research LGBT – what do we need to discuss, how to go about it (Stonewall website)
  • Class Assemblies next half term ( Session 1 – opening views, then 4 sessions-Gender role models, Family structures, upsetting words, appropriate use of the internet Last session – what have you learnt)
  • KS1 to have two assemblies on a Tuesday am based on gender role models and family structures
  • Identify any further outside agencies that could deliver addition sessions.


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