Year 4



Welcome back.

I do hope you have all had a wonderful Half term and are ready to learn new and amazing things.

This half term is we will be conducting a  history and geography study looking at the topic of Why the Romans were so Powerful? We will look at how the Roman Empire began, how it evolved over time and eventually it’s downfall. With Chester and it’s Roman history this will be a relevant and interesting topic.

Mr Barraclough


Numeracy focus  

  • Perimeter – What perimeter is. How to calculate perimeter and it’s use in the world.
  • Area- What area is. Calculating by counting squares. Using W x H to find the area of a regular square or rectangle. How it can be used practically.
  • Using perimeter and area to design a Roman Villa.


Reading focus Each week your child will take part in a Guided Reading session led by an adult.  Throughout the week they will also carry out a follow on activity related to their book and other comprehension type activities.  We will also be focussing upon poetry and performing different poems.
Writing focus  


We will be undertaking a study of Persausive text and how it can be used to sell a Roman Villa.



Spelling, grammar, punctuation or phonics focus – if appropriate
  • Prefixes and suffixes
  • Imperative verbs
  • superlatives
  • Punctuation


Topic We will be focusing upon The Romans We will locate cities maps and we will be looking at how Rome and the Romans became so powerful.
Science States of Matter – Liquid, Gas , Solid
PE Swimming / Dance sessions with First Footers
ICT Digital programming – We are software developers
How do Hindus describe God


How important is God in Hindu family life?

What can parents/carers do to help? Help with the completion of weekly homework

Help children to practise their spellings and times tables

Listen to children read and sign reading records (at least 3 times a week please)

Is there any help you need in class? E.g. any items sent in from home/helpers?  Readers
Visits planned for this term Non but we will be taking part in the POLLINATION project, which is a nationwide scheme to try and help the numbers of pollinating insects.


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