Year 5

Welcome to Year Five.

Our teacher is Mr May and our teaching assistant is Miss May. Mrs Carpenter also works with us some afternoons.

Here is an overview of our timetable and of what we shall learn this half term.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Reading book


Reading book

PE Kit

Reading book

Instrument for music

Reading book Reading book

PE kit

Each week homework is set on a Wednesday and should be returned to school to be handed in on the following Monday. Maths homework is on mathletics so please ensure this is done too.

Spring Term Outline


This half term we have been learning about information texts and all the features used in them. We are also looking at biographies. This will be based around our topic of the Titanic.


In this half term we will learning all about fractions. How to compare and order them and how to identify fractions of amounts. We will also identify mixed numbers and improper fractions and how to convert from one to the other. Finally, we will add, subtract and multiply fractions.

Topic We are learning all about the doomed ocean liner Titanic. We can’t wait for our Titanic evening on Monday 26th March!
ICT We will be using software to create tessellations and improving our use of Publisher, Excel and Word.
Science Changes of materials – we are going to look at separating, evaporating and sieving materials.
RE In RE our focus will be Kingdom of God, looking at how Christians bring the kingdom of god to Earth. We will look at the church’s role in the community.
PE In PE we will be taking part in dance and we will continue our swimming lessons.


Some useful websites for home are listed below.

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