Gifted, Talented and More Able Pupils

The inclusive nature of teaching and learning in our schoool enables all our pupils to develop to the best of thier abilities.

Knowing that our children all have different strengths, we look to support and challenge the learning of our more able pupils in a variety of ways.

Firstly, our lessons are planned to offer challenge and extend all children’s thinking. The nature of the curriculum allows children to deepen their knowledge of a subject area and apply their skills to a range of different problems.

We have links with schools in the local area that run workshops for more able pupils in a number of subjects and we do select pupils to attend these. In 2017-2018, some children attended workshops in writing, maths and ICT. As well as this, in this academic year,  we have planned some workshops ourselves in writing and maths.

We also offer a range of enrichment opportunities and experiences that meet and challenge the needs of our more able learners. For example, Science Club, visits to STEAM days and PE sessions delivered by First Footers and Beth Tweddle Gym Stars.

Thanks to parental support, we also have a data base of clubs/activities/interests that pupils enjoy outside of school. This will enable us to identify pupils with strengths and skills so that when opportunities arise such as Swimming Galas, hockey tournaments and art competitions we are able to encourage those children with specific strengths to take part.

If you feel your child has a strength that hasn’t been identified or that we are unaware of, please speak to your child’s class teacher or complete the attached form.


Clubs and Interests

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