Maths at home

Multiplication Games
Tony’s Tyres A game involving car racing, choose your tables to practice.
Pirates A fun game where pirates have to guess the right answer. fire the cannons.
Cone Crazy A fun penguin and ice cream making game,choose which tables to practice
Maths Models Get your tables right and choose outfits and hairstyles for the models.
Helicopter challenge Deliver the goods to the right places using your tables facts knowledge.
Classroom Caper Earn chalks to make a picture by getting tables facts right.
Fish Shop Fun Select the right fish for the customers with your tables knowledge
Ghostblasters Blast the ghosts that are multiples numbers. Save the world with multiples.
Division fact games
Division Donkey Derby Answer division facts quickly to make your donkey win the race
Tank smash division Fire cannons at the tanks and use division facts to destroy.
Addition and number bond games.
Snowboard addition Quickly make your way down the mountain collecting answers to additions
Cannon number bonds Fire the cannon at the right number to make 10. Number bonds to 10
Alien Invasion Save the planet from aliens by matching number bonds to 100
Jet Ski racing Add quickly to make your jet ski go faster. (simple numbers)
Puppy Paddle Quickly add 2 digit numbers together to make your puppies paddle.


Subtraction games
Takeaway target practice Quickly knock down the number you are taking away to find the answer
Maths Magician Machine Test your knowledge of subtraction against the magicians machine
Mental Maths Challenge Challenge yourself against the clock with mental maths skills
Deep sea diver subtraction Dive the deep oceans and practice the subtractions


Time games
Telling the time A game or challenge that tests different skills in time telling.
Time differences A game / activity that helps you work out the differences between time.