We are very keen to ensure we teach Maths in a fun and engaging way in our school. We use aspects of Maths Makes Sense within our teaching but do not rely upon the program alone.

We will be hosting 2 workshops that will provide guidance through our calculations policy. We will be sharing the dates for those workshops with you shortly via the website, text and newsletters

The workshops will be ‘friendly’ and will help you support and guide your children in Maths.

We will also share some useful websites that are great to use with children to support various aspects of learning.

Below are some documents that you as parents might find useful.

Calculation Progression Policy final draft  (a set of slides to guide you through how we perform calculations in school)

Christ Church Progression Document  (a document that outlines how each strand of Maths progresses throughout the year groups)

Tables tips (a set of games / ideas designed to help make multiplication more fun!)