Helen Friend - Head Teacher
Meet our Headteacher – Mrs Friend
 Miss Natalie Williams - Teacher Mrs Alex Hopwood - Teacher
Meet our Assistant Heads – Mrs Grimster (Inclusion) and Mrs Hopwood (Teaching and Learning)
   Mrs Vicky Sewell - Teacher
Meet Mrs Sewell who delivers PPA cover throughout school
Miss Natalie Williams - Teacher   Miss Laura Bladen - Teacher  photo needed 
Meet our KS1 and EYFS team – Mrs Grimster, Miss Bladen, Miss May, Miss Wilkinson (photo to follow) and Mrs Lancelott
 Mrs Alex Hopwood - Teacher    Mrs Ceri Blockley - Teacher   Mr Simon Barraclough - Teacher 
Meet our KS2 team – Mrs Hopwood, Mrs Blockley, Miss Randles, Mr Barraclough and Mr May
Meet our Learning Mentor – Mrs Trousdale (photograph to follow)
 Mrs Sharon Campion - Teaching Assistant Mrs Jo Weston - Teaching Assistant - Midday Supervisor    Mrs Carowin Bott - Teaching Assistant Miss Milena Stryjek - Midday Assistant 
Meet our Teaching Assistants – Mrs Campion, Mrs Weston, Mrs Drewery, Mr Morgan, Mrs Bott, Miss Stryjek, Mrs Carpenter and Miss May
 Ms Elaine Jarvis - School Business Manager Mrs Alison Barlow - Admin Assistant
Meet our Office Staff, Ms Jarvis & Mrs Barlow


Meet our Kitchen Staff Mrs Prescott, Mrs Money
 Peter Edmondson - Site Maintenance Officer Mrs Debbie Dawn - Midday Assistant Mrs Maria Young - Midday Assistant
Meet our Site Manager and Cleaner – Mr Edmondson,  Mrs Dawn & Mrs Young
  Mrs Sharon Campion - Teaching Assistant  Mrs Maria Young - Midday Assistant Mrs Jo Weston - Teaching Assistant - Midday Supervisor Mrs Debbie Dawn - Midday Assistant Miss Milena Stryjek - Midday Assistant   
Meet our mid-day assistants

Mrs Campion, Mrs Sinclair, Mrs Young, Mrs Weston, Mrs Dawn, Miss Stryjek, Mrs Delamore, Ms Redding and Mrs Johnson


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Ellesmere Port
CH65 6TQ
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