Year 2

Hope you had a lovely Christmas! We are so excited to be back at school and ready for lots of fun learning and exciting activities!

Below is a small outline of Year 2’s week – some may change depending on timetable needs.


  • Monday first lesson will be taught by Mrs. Sewell
  • Homework hand in day, spelling and times tables test
  • Gymnastics

Tuesday morning will be taught by Mrs. Sewell for RE and Miss Moore for PE

Wednesday – Homework handed out (see homework page for more information)

Monday and Tuesday –  PE sessions

Thursday – reading books chnaged by Miss. Stryjek

Follow this link for our Meet the Teacher information: Meet the teacher September 2018

 Numeracy focus: Focus on:

  • Multiplication and Division and knowing our 2,5 and 10 times tables
  • Addition and Subtraction using the column method and applying to problems
  • Statistics (tally charts, pictograms, bar graphs) – Mrs Sewell
 Reading focus:  Children will take part in a weekly Guided Reading session where they will read a story and answer questions based upon what they have read.  There will then be activities throughout the week based upon their Guided Reading book.

Reading books will be changed on a Thursday.  Please sign books for our reading certificates.  Every 20 reads receive a certificate and extra proud cloud.

It is really important that children are reading everyday and understanding what they have read.

 Writing focus: We are using the book ‘Blown Away’ to produce work on our whole school topic of ‘No Outsiders in our School.’

We are also focusing on traditional and alternative tales looking at the book ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’

We will also be doing some report information writing linked to our Tigers and Arctic topic.

Writing objectives will be supported from the Year 2 interim framework objectives.


 Spelling, grammar, punctuation or phonics focus – We will be focusing upon different sentence types, apostrophes, commas in a list and using a variety of conjunctions such as and, but, because, when, if and that.

Spellings are focused on adding suffixes and tricky words.

Topic: Topic Question: ‘Can tigers live in the North Pole?’

We will be learning about the weather in Arctic, how tigers and animals survive, weather climates and the 7 continents and 5 oceans.

Topic project homework is on the homework page.

Science: Focus on ‘Everyday Materials.’
PE: Gymnastics is on a Monday and Games is on a Tuesday.

Please make sure that children have PE kits in school all week.

 What can parents/carers do to help?  Read regularly and sign Reading Records.  Asking children questions based upon what they have read. Ensure homework and spellings are completed.  
 Is there any help you need in class? E.g. any items sent in from home/helpers? Please help your child to complete their homework (sent out on a Wednesday and returned to school on a Monday) and support them in practicing their spellings and times tables
 Visits planned for this term:  We are planning some exciting trips so please keep looking!